About Us

When you look out your window or step outside onto your porch or patio, you the homeowner should feel cosseted by an ecosystem that is one with your home. Each should feel as if they spring from the other. Your home’s surroundings should feel natural, effortless, even magical.

As founder of Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping and the company’s lead designer, I only take on properties that I feel can benefit from my total attention. I work with you to shape your landscape design for the present moment, with an eye toward its evolution. How your plantings grow, and how they interact as they do so, is a key learning left to the wayside by so many others. No horticultural planting, no matter how robust, can ever be an end in itself; I create thriving and evolving, personal ecosystems that blossom each year more beautiful than the last. Thus, my passion is to create art from the natural world, and to ensure as its beauty springs forth, everything, including you, flourishes with it. Like a plant that flowers in stages, so too should your home always be burgeoning with surprise.

My team and I will achieve this artistry, one flower and smile at a time.

– Kevin Keyser