Northwest Woods

Secluded in the northwest woods, the first mission was to encase the property in new deer fencing that is industrial strength yet disappears in the landscape. Asian forest grass lines the new blacktop driveway surrounded by custom metal edging. A new bluestone walkway leading to the front door floats in a sea of gray Mexican river rocks. The all glass front entrance overlooks wild plantings starting with fountain grasses and leading to a stunning wild perennial garden with varying bloom times, this ensures blooms from spring to fall. The perimeter of the area is shielded with evergreen shrubs and trees. Another walkway leads to an open lawn with sporadic vitex and native hibiscus, leading to the deck and pool. On the other side is the Japanese pond, which is complemented by clumping bamboo and underplanted with ajuga. The ponds have blooming lilypads and rare fish. They are complemented by underwater lighting. The entire landscape is illuminated with brass LED fixtures, making for a magical setting in the evening.