As every home is distinct, so should the property be. We here at Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping will strive to create a unique and a multi-tiered approach that will unite your home and surrounding property with the joy they were destined to achieve together.

We orchestrate installation of high-quality cattleguards into entryways to deter entry of wildlife, especially deer, to protect your property and it’s plantings. Read more about them in the Cattleguards.

Landscape Design

To begin:
Call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll meet with you to survey your property, house, outer-buildings and structures, your current landscaping and vegetation. We’ll ask you about your landscaping ideas and desires to get a feel for what your property needs. We believe that so much of landscaping is about the feel.

Next, we’ll head to the drawing board to draft an original design that will be harmonious between your desires and your property’s needs. We’ll work with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our original designs take into consideration present and future evolutions of the land.

Once we review the designs together, we’ll discuss our three stages of execution: Implementation, Integration, and Care.

Depending on the complexity of the work, we’ll provide architectural landscape designs as well as a total care maintenance package. Our packages can be month to month or seasonal.

Please note: To create architectural landscape designs and prepare proposals, we will need a copy of your property’s survey. Often towns will require a copy of the survey to obtain permits. The survey will also allow us to view the intricate details necessary to create your original design. If need be, we can help with permit procedures and services in the role of customer liaison for any construction work you might envision; brick and soil removal; existing tree pruning or removal; irrigation and sprinkling systems; as well as interior plantings and design.

Once we agree on a plan and budget, then the magic begins. We’ll purchase only the most exquisite trees and flora available, as we take great pride in our sourcing. Every single mature-growth tree, flower bulb, and fern – and everything in between – is inspected and chosen with meticulous care. On the appointed day, we will arrive with our trucks, tools, and materials ready to transform your property into what you’ve always dreamt it to be.

Whether it’s a minimalistic, garden sanctuary or an energetic, flower-haven bursting with color, we at Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping have the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to make your landscaping dreams become a reality.

We can do it all.


Both Residential and Commercial installation.

All of your time, effort and investment in landscaping or commercial stock can be lost or damaged by the local wildlife population. Whether it’s residential or commercial, Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping can orchestrate the installation of the best protective deer fencing and grating systems for any size of property.

Cattleguards are heavy concrete or steel structures used in conjunction with or in place of a driveway gate. Our cattleguards have rounded slats or ribs that allow quick and easy access to your property, while simultaneously preventing wildlife, especially deer, from entering. Of course, we will use only the very best materials and construction partners to engineer these stylish additions.


What happens after the initial planting?

After the initial planting, we offer total care maintenance packages that includes fertilizing, transplanting, pruning and troubleshooting for each planting’s individual needs. Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping takes great pride and care in the maintenance of your home and property and we assure success in everything we touch.

We love what we do, and we do what we love. Your happiness and our green thumbs are the evidence.

Hardscapes &
Landscape Design

Are you interested in adding a comfortable, outdoor living space for summer family gatherings? How about a modern, poolside lounge perfect for parties or intimate dates?

With the addition of decks, patios, walkways, pools, outdoor kitchen areas and seating, Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping can transform your property into the ultimate entertaining space. We will work with you to create an original design to suit every possible need. We engage a select group of highly skilled craftsmen, construction partners, stone masons, and artisans to implement our designs, which will add value and enhance your property’s synergy.


When our customers, both private and commercial, seek total property protection and privacy, our craftsmen construct stylish and secure wooden features using only materials that fit seamlessly into a property’s design, from #1 clear cedar to pressure treated wood.

Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping can install deer fencing, cattleguards, pedestrian gates, both manual and electric driveway gates, town-code pool gates and fences, and much more!


Lighting can be an integral part of the presentation of your new landscape. By creating magical pathways, enclaves, and recesses within your grounds, it can illuminate whole hillsides or a single, gorgeous tree. Properly designed lighting can transform your grounds from a basic yard into a little piece of Heaven!

Keeping with the style and décor of your landscape, Hamptons Silverleaf Landscaping can implement all manner of lighting systems. We work with top-notch lighting designers who specialize in natural landscape techniques and equipment. Together, we incorporate the lighting systems into your design during the drafting phase to create for you the perfect, natural ambiance, day or night.